VET Retail Services

Statement of Attainment Certificate III in Retail Services SIR30216 (Release 4) and Optional ATAR

Course Description

The Retail industry is the largest employer in Australia. Whatever products people want, use or need there will always be some aspect of the retail industry involved in the transfer of these products.

This course will develop student’s skills in customer service, sales and merchandising, stock control and developing good communication skills and team work. It would suit students who are already working and interested in a career in the retail industry and other personal contact and service industries or who are seeking a traineeship or part time work in the retail industry. At the completion of the course, students are able to undertake further study or to advance their retail career.

Course Information

Course recognition

The course is dual accredited and contributes to the HSC as well as an AQF qualification recognised by industry.


2 years

Unit Value & hours

240 hour course  - 2 Unit Year 11 & 2 Unit Year 12


Category B and contributes towards your HSC credential

HSC exam: 2 hours

Optional but mandatory for inclusion in ATAR

Work Placement

Mandatory 35 hours each year. Students who work in the retail industry may gain recognition of prior learning for their Work Placement.

Note: Only 2 Units of Category B subjects can be counted towards the ATAR.


The course is competency based and will be assessed using oral, practical and written assessment methods.

The HSC Exam is optional in Retail Services but is mandatory for those students seeking an ATAR.


Year 11 - $90 pa

Year 12 - $90 pa

Work Placement - $20 pa

(These costs may be subject to change)