The Uniform is one of the College’s expectations.

It is the responsibility of students to know and to follow the requirements of the College uniform, presenting themselves neatly and properly attired each school day and at every school function.

A Uniform Code has a number of functions:

  • Like many of our dressing rituals the donning of the uniform helps to focus our minds on what lies ahead. In this case it helps to focus the student on the school and the requirement that school work and learning be the priority.
  • It removes the need to have a range of ‘fashion labels’ with which to attend school. We come dressed the same. It says something about all being in this together, and it is an external sign of our belonging.
  • In a school this size the uniform has a safety and welfare dimension. Students attend courses both here and other sites eg TAFE. It helps us to locate students and to ensure that all who come onto the College campus are enrolled here.
  • It has a modifying influence on extreme forms of behaviour. The uniform and the College are well known. To the extent that it challenges students to behave in a way that safeguards or fosters the good reputation of the College, then it serves a useful purpose.

So, the uniform is part of the education we provide. Students are to wear it and wear it well! This includes black leather (polishable) shoes. The shoe should give protection to the upper foot and have safe heels and soles. This has been a requirement of enrolment. For ladies, the wearing of “ballet” style footwear DOES NOT conform to OH&S standards.

If for some reason a student is unable to present himself or herself in the complete uniform then a note should be carried to explain the situation. This is for reasons of accountability and courtesy.

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