Student Attendance and Absences

It is of great importance in all Years that wherever possible students do not miss learning opportunities due to absences. This is of particular significance when absences impact on assessments.

Research clearly shows a strong correlation between students who have an excellent attendance record with higher educational outcomes.

Parents/Carers are asked to be aware of the following requirements regarding student leave.

  • To comply with government regulations absences must be authorised by parent/carer within seven (7) school days of the absence occurring.
  • Student absences can be:
  • Any non-essential appointments should be made outside of school hours. It is important that learning time is not disrupted by admin staff contacting class teachers for students to leave early.
  • Students who wish to apply for extended leave must have a parent/carer contact student services to advise the number of days their child will be absent. If necessary, parents/carers will be asked to complete the appropriate CSO endorsed leave form. This will then need to be submitted to Student Services at least two weeks prior to any extended leave.
  • Students arriving late must sign in at Student Services using their Student ID Card. Parent/Carers can explain late arrivals by phone or email within seven (7) school days of the absence.
  • Senior students (Years 11-12) who need to leave early throughout the day must have a parent/carer phone the College or email Student Services. Once students are signed into the College, they are not permitted to leave the grounds without permission. If students are granted permission, they must sign out at Student Services with their Student ID Card.
  • Junior students (Years 7-10) who need to leave early throughout the day must bring a note from home signed by their parent/carer asking for permission. This note must also include a reason for leaving early and the time to be collected. Students then take this letter to their LOWE or AP Wellbeing before or during TG and a leave pass will be issued for that day. The students then show this pass to their class teacher at the time of departure and then make their way to Student Services with the pass to sign out with their Student ID Card. Students will not be permitted to leave the College grounds on their own. They must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.
  • SMS messages regarding student absence are automatically sent each morning by the College unless Student Services has been notified in advance. Please note, a student may arrive to school late but sign in before the text message is sent home. Parent/Carers will need to refer to Compass to check if their son/daughter is arriving to school on time.
  • Should parents/carers have issues arise that impact on their child’s attendance it is important that they contact their child’s relevant Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement, or Assistant Principal to discuss this matter further so that the appropriate support can be arranged.
  • Each fortnight an attendance update will be sent to each family to ensure optimal attendance occurs for all students throughout the school year. Parents/carers are encouraged to work in partnership with the College if attendance concerns arise for their children.