St Francis Xavier’s College honours its commitment to quality Catholic education through its provision of high quality educational programs that allow all students to achieve to their potential. The College offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters for the learning needs of all Stage 6 students. For example, extension courses and vocational courses are essential components of our senior curriculum. The curriculum structure also incorporates life skills courses for students who require this differentiated approach.

The College’s innovative timetable structure supports quality-learning time that allows for the delivery of academic programs that are engaging, focussed and inventive. Students are supported in their learning with the publication of an assessment handbook for each academic year. These handbooks provide an outline of the College’s assessment requirements, as well as specific details associated with each course’s assessment program. These handbooks are published to parents and students at the start of each year.

Areas of Study

St Francis Xavier’s offers a complete set of study areas to its students.

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