Mobile Phone Usage

Years 7-10

The College recommends that mobile phones are not brought to our site. Should students bring mobile phones then they are to remain switched off and out of site from the first bell at 9am until the end of Period 5 at 3.10pm. Phones do not substitute for a laptop device. Laptops must be fully charged each day to ensure they can be used for each period throughout the day.

Students may use a phone upon arriving at school before 9am. However, after 9am parents will not be able to contact their child via the mobile phone. If a message is left, students can check their phone at 3.10pm when phones may be switched back on.

Students are responsible for all possessions throughout the day including laptops and mobile phones.

Exceptions to these expectations include:

  • Students who have diabetes and need to use a mobile phone to monitor blood sugar levels or other known medical conditions that requires mobile monitoring.
  • If a student seeks permission in advance from a teacher to answer a call as part of an emergency.


Please note:

  • Students are not to use a phone at the canteen and as such will need an Eftpos card or cash. Alternatively, orders can be placed using the QKR app or at the school canteen before 8.45am each day.
  • The same expectations apply to smart watches/air pods as per a mobile phone device.


Years 11-12

Students are not to use a mobile phone during class time, at Assembly or Year Meetings except under the explicit direction of the teacher. Mobile phones are not allowed in examination rooms under any circumstances. Students carrying mobile phones into such spaces risk a determination of malpractice which carries significant penalties. Mobile phones are allowed during Study periods for appropriate usage.


Mobile Phone Security

Mobile phone security is the responsibility of students. The College does not take responsibility for such items, and they are not covered by College insurance.