Student Leadership


All students at the College have the potential for leadership and are called upon to exercise it.

There are opportunities for formal leadership at the College. At the end of Term 1 Yr 11 may volunteer to participate in a Leadership morning. Four Yr 11 students will then join the SRC: one representing each House.

A Leadership workshop takes place over 2 days at the end of Term 3. The 48 Tutor Group Representatives and up to 30 other students nominated by staff are invited to attend. It is from the group that the Student Leadership Team is drawn.

Student Leadership:

  • College Captains (2)
  • College Vice Captains (2)
  • Yr 12 House Captains (4)
  • Yr 11 House Captains (4)
  • Solidarity Leaders (4)
  • Vinnies leaders
  • Tutor Group Representatives (48: 2 per TG)

Tutor Group Representatives

The Tutor Group elects Representatives who help to organise the Tutor Group and support the Tutor Group Leader. They also meet within their House with the House Captain.

Student Council

The Student Council comprises a group of students who are elected from the student body to represent their interests and promote community building events.

Solidarity Leaders

The Solidarity Leaders organise activities and awareness raising around social justice issues.