Student Leadership

Students at the College have the potential for leadership from Years 7-12. They are called upon to demonstrate a high level of maturity and responsibility among students.

At the formal level emphasis is placed on the role students play in the organisation of the College. They lead assemblies, organise House Day celebrations and play pivotal roles in College events.

Tutor Group Representatives

The Tutor Group elects representatives who help to organise the Tutor Group and support the Tutor Group Teacher.

Student Council

The Student Council comprises a group of students who are elected from the student body to represent their interests and to promote events which improve the way of life at the College for each student. The College Captains and House Captains form the Student Representative Council.

There is a Leadership Formation Program held for the elected Year 11 Tutor Group Representatives at the end of Year 11. This body of students nominate the students who are to be considered for appointment to the Student Representative Council. These students then join the weekly meetings which are largely student driven.

Year 7 students will participate in a Peer Support Program during Term 1 with elected Year 12 Peer Support Leaders. They will also elect Tutor Group Representatives during Term 2, who will then provide input on behalf of Year 7 students.

The Year 12 Student Representative Council attend a Marist Leadership Conference at Mittagong with student leaders from other Marist schools in New South Wales and the Diocesan Leadership Retreat where they form connections with other senior leaders from across the Diocese.