Student Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

The approach to Wellbeing and Pastoral Care is guided by the Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Policy (2022.) It fits within, and is complemented by, the Diocesan Learning Framework, creating the conditions for supportive learning in the sense that the environment is designed to be safe and inclusive, and one that promotes academic rigour. A high priority is given to building and maintaining positive and caring relationships between staff, students and parents, and the wellbeing of all.

Pastoral Care is foundational to our Catholic faith and traditions, where student voice is valued and there is an emphasis on the development of the whole person. Wellbeing and learning are inextricably linked. St Francis Xavier’s College seeks to promote a safe, supportive and inclusive environment, where students have opportunities to be creative, connected and engaged so that they can be successful life-long learners.

Wellbeing Together - Student Wellbeing and Learning Across the Whole school (2022).

At St Francis Xavier’s College we recognise the importance of, and work to, build connectedness and enhance relationships. The following help to promote wellbeing:

  • Orientation into the College (Orientation Days and Parent Interviews)
  • Parent Information Evenings
  • The Commissioning Ceremony
  • Year 7 Camp
  • Peer Support Program
  • The House System / Feast Day Celebrations
  • “Meet and Greets”
  • Community Days
  • Vinnies Group - Social Justice activities/weekly meetings
  • Leadership Training
  • Student Lead Sessions - “What Works for Me?”
  • Representative Sport and Year 7 Sport

This list is not exhaustive. Additionally, we have Careers Support, a Pastoral Care Worker, Beyond the Gates Social Worker, and onsite Counsellors available to the students, five days per week.

Community Days

There are various days throughout the year where the College community comes together to celebrate, commemorate, or raise awareness about significant issues. Some of these days are “out of uniform” and themed to highlight the event eg: House Days – Champagnat, MacKillop, McAuley and Dominic Days, SFX Day (Christmas Theme), RUOK Day, Vinnies Day.