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Transitioning Years 7 to 12 – overview of outcomes

Published 13/10/2022

Following feedback and consultation, recommendations have been released formalisin…

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Transitioning Years 7 to 12 – an update

Published 6/09/2022

Thank you to those who participated in our Listening Assemblies and online forums…

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GALLERY: Yr 12 Semester 1 Academic Awards

Published 3/06/2022

The Yr 12 Semester 1 Academic Awards were held on Friday 3rd June …

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GALLERY: Reconciliation Week

Published 2/06/2022

A special assembly was held to mark Reconciliation Week …

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GALLERY: Vinnies Day

Published 20/05/2022

Students and Staff participated in activities to raise funds for those in need …

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Newcastle Catholic Secondary Schools

Published 19/05/2022

Transitioning to Years 7 to 12 Over the next five years, the Catholic Diocese of M…

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