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GALLERY: UberSFXercise

Published 3/09/2021

UberSFXercise was launched today with a bike ride challenge from Mr Mitchell, Ms G…

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GALLERY: McAuley Day

Published 2/09/2021

McAuley Day was celebrated online this year with the challenge to be as Green as p…

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GALLERY: MacKillop Day

Published 24/07/2021

Happy MacKillop Day …

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GALLERY: Twelfth Night

Published 14/06/2021

Congratulations to the cast of Twelfth Night - an amazing performance …

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GALLERY: Champagnat Day

Published 4/06/2021

Happy Champagnat Day …

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GALLERY: Yr 12 Retreats

Published 28/05/2021

Yr 12 students recently attended the Yr 12 Retreat …

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