The various Mathematics curricula are aimed at enhancing the numeracy knowledge and skills of a student by engaging them in activities which promote their mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving approaches. The development of capabilities in these areas, allow the student to make informed decisions that, based on their learned mathematical processes, will guide their everyday lives.

To support their learning in Mathematics, each student at St Francis Xavier’s College is encouraged to prepare a summary of the main points of each topic, including relevant examples. The student may seek teacher feedback prior to both Formative and Summative assessments. A student’s learning is consolidated by the completion of both Formative and Summative Assessment tasks during the presentation of the course that they are studying. The student should take special note of any feedback supplied with any task and use this to improve their performance. The appropriate use of feedback will build student performance and confidence when preparing for upcoming tasks.

In Stage 6, Mathematics can be studied at a variety of levels:

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Leader of Learning Mathematics: Mr Matthew Priest / Ms Cath Bambach
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