Science is about being inquisitive and making sense of the world we live in. The various Science curricula enable the student to do this, while encouraging responsible, evidence-based decisions. The whole student is nurtured, and gospel values, such as holding in awe and caring for the environment and one another, are reflected.

An integral part of the Science courses is the use of Scientific Inquiry to ignite students’ interest in scientific contexts and concepts, while using Working Scientifically Skills to help in the development of their knowledge and understanding. Students gain insight into the advancement of our Science knowledge over time with contributions of many scientists building on the work of those before them.

The study of Science can enable the development of students’ self esteem by issuing challenges and presenting the rewards and enjoyment of meeting those challenges. This can improve their confidence, while gearing them up to become scientifically literate, contributing members of society. Students can also be inspired by particular areas of the syllabus to consider possible future career paths.

Students may choose to study up to 6 units of the following in Year 11 and 7 units in Year 12:

Students in some courses have the opportunity to engage in a range of extra-curricular activities including;

  • Experimentfest @ University of Newcastle
  • Excursions/ Field Trips
  • Industry visits

Contact for all Science Courses

Leader of Learning Science: Mrs Vina Gibson