Earth & Environmental Science 2 Unit

ATAR Course


Earth & Environmental Science uses the Working Scientifically skills to develop knowledge through the application of those skills. Students engage with inquiry questions to explore knowledge of the Earth. They also undertake practical and secondary sourced investigations to acquire a deeper understanding of the Earth’s features and naturally occurring phenomena and cycles.

Fieldwork is an integral part of these investigation processes.

Students can combine Earth & Environmental Science with ONE or TWO other Science subjects selected from:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Investigating Science
  • Physics

For Whom is the Course Intended?

Earth & Environmental Science provides the foundation knowledge and skills required to study earth and environmental science after completing school, and supports participation in careers in a range of related industries.

The application of earth and environmental science is essential in addressing current and future environmental issues and challenges.

It is also necessary for the use and management of geological resources that are important to Australia’s sustainable future.


Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Science.


External Higher School Certificate examination.

Internal Assessment program includes:

  • Depth Study
  • Working Scientifically Skills Tasks
  • Examination


Subject cost included in the College Resource Fee. Safety glasses are required. Excursion costs are kept to a minimum.