Religious Studies

St Francis Xavier’s College offers a diverse curriculum in Religious Studies. Studies of Religion 1 and 2 Unit, are ATAR courses which investigate the religious traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or Judaism. The focus of these courses is how religion provides answers to the enduring questions of life, such as what is my purpose in life? Students gain an understanding of this by studying the beliefs, sacred texts, ethics, practices and significant people of each tradition. All students enrolled at St Francis Xavier’s College must choose at least 1 unit of Religion.

The College also offers an Accelerated Studies of Religion Course in which the Year 11 and Year 12 1 Unit Courses are studied and examined in Year 11. This is a rigorous and highly competitive course which is only open to Extension English or Extension Mathematics students. Studies in Catholic Thought is a Board Endorsed subject which is also available to students. Based on the underlying question of what it means to be human, this course provides students with an opportunity to explore and deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith.

Courses Offered

Contact for all Religion Courses

Leader of Learning Religion: Ms Jane Rees