VET Construction

Certificate II in Construction Pathways CPC20220 and Optional ATAR

Course Description

In the construction industry students can gain skills in building, Work Health & Safety requirements, contracting and quoting, managing projects and dealing with clients, workers and professionals. This course addresses skills in handling tools, measurement and calculations, reading and interpreting plans, working sustainably in the construction and associated fields and handling construction materials.

This course provides training in general construction and covers a range of skills and knowledge appropriate for entry level into this industry. At the completion of this course students are well qualified for entry level positions in the building and construction industry and with a suitable ATAR pathway, towards courses such as Construction Management.

As part of this course students must undertake the WH&S General Induction for Construction Work (White Card). This is delivered as part of the Construction course and Work Cover will credit students who successfully complete the course. It is mandatory that all students complete this course prior to work placement. The WH&S General Induction allows students to work on a construction site.

Course Information

Course recognition

This course is dual accredited ie it contributes to the HSC as well as an AQF qualification recognised by industry.


2 years

Unit Value & hours

240 hour course  - 2 Unit Year 11 and 2 Unit Year 12


Category B and contributes towards your HSC credential

HSC exam: 2 hours

Optional but mandatory for inclusion in ATAR

Work Placement

Mandatory 35 hours each year 


Competence is determined by demonstration of skills and knowledge applied in a range of projects and may include oral, practical and written tasks. The HSC Exam is optional in Construction, but is mandatory for those students seeking an ATAR.


Year 11 - $150 pa

Year 12 - $150 pa

White Card (Year 11 Only) - $80 (approx)

Work Placement - $20 pa

(These costs may be subject to change)