VET Sport Coaching

Certificate III in Sport Coaching SIS30519 (Release 1) NON ATAR

Course Description

This is a Vocational Board Endorsed Course designed to enable students to acquire a range of skills and competencies that are valued and recognised in the sport and recreation industry. The course is based on units of competency which have been developed for people wishing to enter the sport and recreation industry.

Main topics covered include:

  • Sport Coaching: coaching styles and practices; preparing and conducting sessions
  • Practical skills: may include a range of sports including Touch Football, Rugby League, Netball and Soccer
  • Careers in Sport, including Refereeing and Officiating
  • Business and Sports Administration
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Work, Health and Safety and First Aid
  • Sports Medicine – Sport Taping
  • Sports Nutrition – Meal Preparation
  • Primary/Infants Practicals:
    • Developing Fundamental Motor Skills (Infants)
    • Touch/Netball Skills Lessons (Primary)

Course Information

Course recognition

The course is dual accredited and contributes to the HSC as well as an AQF qualification recognised by industry.


2 years

Unit Value & hours

 240 hour course  - 2 Unit Year 11 & 2 Unit Year 12


Category B and counts towards your HSC

HSC exam

Does not have an HSC exam

Does not contribute towards your ATAR

Work Placement

Mandatory Workplacement of 35 hours per year

Covered in Primary/Infants Practicals done in class time.


This course is competency based and will be assessed using oral, practical and written assessment methods.


Year 11 - $60 pa

Year 12 - $60 pa

Work Placement - $20 pa

(These costs may be subject to change)