VET Entertainment

A Statement of Attainment towards a Certificate III in Live Production and Services CUA30415 (Release 4) and Optional ATAR

Course Description

The Entertainment course offers training opportunities to people who are interested in staging; technical operations and organisation of live productions, performances and events.

The course provides training in a wide range of duties such as lighting and audio visual operations, staging, Front of House, Work Health & Safety, Stage Management, dealing with patrons and professionals and maintaining costumes, sets and props.

The framework is designed to enable students to acquire a range of technical practical, personal and organisational skills and knowledge related to working employment and further training within the Entertainment Industry sector.

Course Information

Course recognition

The course is dual accredited ie it contributes to the HSC as well as an AQF qualification recognised by industry.


2 years

Unit Value & hours

240 hour course  - 2 Unit Year 11 & 2 Unit Year 12


Category B and contributes towards your HSC credential

HSC exam: 2 hours

Optional but mandatory for inclusion in ATAR

Work Placement

Mandatory 35 hours each year 

Note: Only 2 Units of Category B subjects can be counted towards the ATAR. The HSC Exam is optional in Entertainment but is mandatory for those students seeking an ATAR.

Specialisation Year 12

Will be available by arrangement. This 60hr specialisation in a student’s course of study enables the opportunity to gain the full Certificate III in Entertainment through the ASPIRE program.


The course is competency based and will be assessed using oral, practical and written assessment methods. Projects may be undertaken as a group or as individual tasks.

The Work Placement is a contributing and mandatory part of the assessment. As the Entertainment Industry is mostly performance and event based, Work Placement is frequently completed on a cumulative basis. Students will often attend various entertainment venues and opportunities as they arise and collect hours accordingly. This may involve committing to a placement which is outside normal school hours.


Year 11 - $50 pa

Year 12 - $50 pa

First Aid - $80

White Card (Year 11 Only) - $80 (approx)

Work Placement - $20 pa

(These costs may be subject to change)