VET Hospitality

Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316 (Release 2) and Optional ATAR

The Hospitality course aims to provide students with the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications (under Australian Qualification Framework) as part of their HSC.

Course Description

The hospitality industry is one of the largest employers in Australia. Service based, it has enjoyed steady growth in both full and part time employment of people of all ages and skills.

The College aims to develop student skills and competency to undertake duties aligned to this industry such as safe and hygienic food preparation and handling, communication and teamwork, and customer service. It develops problem solving, decision making skills. The course focuses on current industry practices for a range of different business models and also changing technologies in the Hospitality industry.

Course Information

Course recognition

The course is dual accredited ie it contributes to the HSC as well as an AQF qualification recognised by industry.


2 years

Unit Value & hours

240 hour course  - 2 Unit Year 11 & 2 Unit Year 12


Category B and contributes towards your HSC credential

HSC exam: 2 hours

Optional but mandatory for inclusion in ATAR

Work Placement

Mandatory 35 hours each year

Year 12 Work Placement may be undertaken in the College Cafe

Note: Only 2 Units of Category B subjects can be counted towards the ATAR


The course is competency based and will be assessed using oral, practical and written assessment methods and complete projects both as member of a team and individually. All students in Hospitality undertake the First Aid Certificate.

The HSC Exam is optional in Hospitality, but is mandatory for those students seeking an ATAR.

Note: approximately 50% of course time involves practical component. Students are required to purchase a full apprentice chef’s uniform with fully enclosed firm leather upper shoes.


Year 11 - $200 pa

Year 12 - $200 pa

First Aid - $80 (approx)

Work Placement - $20 pa

(These costs may be subject to change)