Mathematics General 2 Unit

All students attempting General Mathematics do the same Preliminary course with the option of doing the General 2 course or the General 1 course in their HSC year.

Mathematics General is a Board Developed ATAR Course.

Mathematics General 1 is a Content Endorsed course non ATAR (no HSC Examination) available for study in Year 12 providing students have completed the Preliminary Course in General Maths.


Mathematics 2 Unit

This Course is designed to provide a sufficient basis for university courses involving Mathematics as a minor discipline, such as the life sciences or commerce. It is a calculus-based course.


Students should have studied the 5.3 Mathematics Pathway, and gained Grade B8 or better. The 5.2 Pathway does not give adequate preparation for Mathematics 2 Unit. Students need to have demonstrated competence in Mathematical Skills, especially Algebra.


Mathematics Extension 1 (Preliminary) 1 Unit

This Extension Course gives students the basis for further university studies which are heavily dependent on Mathematics such as the physical and engineering sciences and Mathematics Degrees. However many students undertake this course for other reasons: they may be good at Mathematics and enjoy the challenge; they may want to leave some career options open; they may want to use their talents in this area to maximise their ATAR score.

It is recommended that students of outstanding mathematical ability should consider undertaking both Extension Courses 1 and 2 (1 Unit each) in the HSC year.


The Course is intended for students who have demonstrated a mastery of the skills in Stage 5. They should have completed the 5.3 Mathematics

Pathway and gained Grade A (A10 or A9).