Creative & Performing Arts

Year of 2015 CAPA Review


The Creative and Performing Arts faculty is very proud of our recent nominations in the various showcases run by BOSTES. These events are known as ONSTAGE, ENCORE, CALL BACK and ART EXPRESS and celebrate the success of students in Drama, Music, Dance and Visual Arts respectively.

In 2015 the faculty was successful in achieving multiple nominations in each subject area.

Lucy Cook and Grace Lancaster for Drama,
Aiyana Pugh, Christian Shilling and Andrew de Souza for Music,
David Lobb and Alessia Sakoff for Visual Arts,
Amara McHugh- Shahani and Lucy Cook for Dance

These students have produced work of an exceptional level that has been recognised as among the best in the state in their various creative disciplines

The College has already received confirmation that Lucy Cook's Drama piece has been shortlisted as a reserve for the eventful Drama Showcase, ONSTAGE, which is a tremendous achievement.

We wish the rest of the students good luck in final selection and acknowledge the exceptional talent and hardwork required to be nominated.


Visual Arts 2 Unit

This Course is for students who enjoy looking at, reading about, discussing and creating Artworks. Students need to spend a lot of their own time to create the Artworks. Visual Arts is a subject which can be enjoyed by many students. They are given the opportunity to create varied art works inspired by the student’s personal experience of the world and creative efforts of artists in a variety of social and cultural contexts.

For Whom is the Subject Intended?

Many students can find success in this course but all students will be required to produce a Body of Work of considerable depth. This takes talent and commitment. The theoretical component requires students to be average or above average English students.

The Course can be used in the calculation of the ATAR and students can enter a Visual Arts Degree at University with this course as well as a number of diploma and certificate courses at TAFE.


There are NO prerequisites, although it should be stated that past studies of Visual Arts would be beneficial.



Drama 2 Unit

This course is designed for students with an interest in Drama, regardless of their past dramatic experience. Students may have a performance background or be beginners with little knowledge of Drama.

Students are given the opportunity to perform individually and in groups, and they are encouraged to appreciate the rich dramatic tradition of our culture by watching, writing and performing.

For Whom is the Subject Intended?

Students of varying academic abilities can find success in this course. Drama involves detailed study of theoretical components and practical work and allows a wide range of choice within the subject. Students can maximise marks in areas where they show skill and interest.

However, all students will be required to write essays at an advanced level, and all students will be required to perform in a group presentation and to complete an Individual

Project in one of the following areas:

• Scriptwriting

• Design

• Performance

• Video

• Critical analysis


There are NO prerequisites but students need to be average or above average English students and be confident to perform in front of an audience.



Music 1 2 Unit

In Music 1 students are given the opportunity to make music in small and large groups as well as individually and they are encouraged to interpret and understand the many and varied types of music styles which exist through listening, composing, analysing and performing.

Music students may use this course to further their music study at University. This course can also be used to gain entry into TAFE music courses as well as private institutions eg. School of Audio Engineering, and Australian Institute of Music.

For Whom is the Subject Intended?

This course is for students with an interest in all types of music regardless of their past musical experience. Students may be already proficient musicians, or beginners with little or no prior knowledge. Students’ musical tastes and interests may vary widely. These are all catered for in this course.

All students will be required to sing or play an instrument. Students should be aware that many students undertaking this course are trained musicians of a high standard.


There are NO pre-requisites. Students DO NOT need to be able to read and write music prior to entering this subject. However they should be aware that a number of students in the class will be skilled in this area.