Formal Assessment Appeal - Review of Marks

INTERNAL ASSESSMENT APPEAL following the handing back of an Assessment Task

Disagreement over a teacher’s assessment of a task must be lodged within 2 school days (48 hours) of the task being handed back to the student.

 In the case of a multiple choice or single answer being incorrectly marked, the student should alert the class teacher who will adjust the mark on the student’s script and inform the Studies Coordinator.


If there is a calculation error, the class teacher will adjust the mark on the student’s script, initial and date and inform the relevant Studies Coordinator of the adjusted mark.In all other cases, the student MUST complete an Assessment Appeal Form – available either from the Dean of Studies or the school website. The student will then be required to –

 Indicate the grounds for a review, attach to the original task and hand to the classroom teacher who will then sign and date and pass onto the relevant Studies Coordinator

If the appeal is upheld, the Studies Coordinator will adjust the mark on the script and return it to the class teacher to give back to the student; then comment on the Appeal Form and place in the student’s file.

If the appeal is not upheld, the student will be informed via the Appeal Form and may be given additional feedback to clarify why the mark has not be adjusteIf the student is still not satisfied with the result, he / she may appeal to the Dean of Studies (within 48 hours of being notified of the appeal outcome) by handing their original script, the original appeal form and a request in writing for an external review. An external review will only be sanctioned if the following grounds can be proven –

  • Insufficient notice of task

  • Weighting of subject components not matching syllabus requirements

  • The task not being marked according to the published marking guidelines


    The Dean, in consultation with the Studies Coordinator, will determine if an external review is warranted – if so the Dean will contact another Diocesan School and request a re-mark. When the script is returned, if there is a difference to the original mark the student will receive an average of the two marks – whether favourable or unfavourable to the student.


    An external review will only be available for questions worth 10 or more marks or a section worth 10 or more marks.