Illness / Misadventure Appeals

Often parents and students become very concerned about the impact of illness or an unforseen event that has the potential effect a student's performance / result in an examination or assessment task.

The Assessment Handbook has a section specifically devoted to this topic, however, in short there are processes and procedures in place to ensure that all students are treated fairly and have the opportunity to show 'what they know and can do'.

The Board of Studies expects that where possible students attempt all assessment tasks, therefore where students do sit for a task and feel that their performance has been affected by illness or perhaps an event beyond their control, students can lodge an Illness / Misadventure Appeal. This means that if the appeal is upheld, the relevant Studies Coordinator will generate an estimate for the student (based on a 'like task') and the student will receive the highest mark - that is, their actual mark from the task or the estimate. Please note though that it is highly unlikely that a student would be given more than one estimate per course per year.


Some points to note:


  • Misadventure only applies when a student has completed a task
  • Misadventure does not apply to tasks that are take home tasks as the student will have had sufficient notice to complete the task
  • The right to submit an Illness/Misadventure appeal and the responsibility for doing so rests with the student / parent
  • The student must notify the supervising teacher of the assessment event – the supervising teacher will then record the information in the Assessment Variation Book (in the case of major exams / assessments) and write observational notes about the student to pass onto the relevant Studies Coordinator.
  • Illness / Misadventure Appeals must be submitted within 2 school days (48 hours) of sitting for the task.



A student cannot submit an appeal on the basis of:

  • difficulties in preparation or loss of preparation time; for example as a result of an earlier illness
  • alleged deficiencies in teaching 
  • loss of study time or access to facilities
  • long-term illnesses such as glandular fever, unless you suffer a flare-up of the condition during the examination / task
  • the same grounds for which you received disability provisions, unless you experience additional unrelated illness / misadventure
  • misreading the examination timetable.
  • misreading examination instructions 
  • other commitments, such as participation in entertainment, work or sporting events,
  • attendance at examinations conducted by other education organisations e.g. TAFE

Illness / Misadventure Appeal Forms must be accompanied by evidence to support the Appeal - for example a Doctor's Certificate

Illness / Misadventure Forms are available from the Dean of Studies, Studies Coordinators, Student Services and can be downloaded from the website. Please be advised that sometimes it is helpful for students to collect the form from the Dean of Studies so that the student can discuss the Illness / Misadventure and whether or not they have understood the requirements.