Software Design & Development - 2Unit

ATAR Course


The Software Design & Development course provide students with a systematic approach to problem-solving, an opportunity to be creative, with excellent career prospects and interesting content. Software Development is a distinctive field within the Computing discipline. Approaches to software development are many and varied. An understanding of these and the situations in which they are applied is essential. As well as an understanding of how hardware and software are interrelated.

In order to develop solutions communication, personal and team skills are required by the developers. Together, these components provide the basis for the course.

Computing is an area of rapid growth and change. While a variety of computer applications are used in this subject, they are not the primary focus. The focus of this subject is the development of computer-based solutions that require the design of computer smartphone and tablet software.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

Students interested in the fields of software development, smart phone apps, game development, software for hardware and computer science will find this subject of value. The course is not only for those who seek further study at TAFE and/or university but also for those who wish to understand the underlying principles of software design and development.

The computing field, particularly in the area of software design and development, offers opportunities for creativity and problem-solving and a collaborative work environment where working with people and exploring issues is an integral part of the job. It is critical that students have the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to pursue the many new, exciting and highly paid employment opportunities that exist in the field.

Software Design & Development promotes intellectual, social and ethical growth in students. On completion, the course provides students with options in the workforce, TAFE and university study.


It would be advantageous for students to have studied Computer Studies in Years 9 and 10 or have good mathematical skills.

As the Course relies on students’ ability to break down a problem into a series of steps, students MUST be capable of undertaking 2 Unit Mathematics.


At the completion of this course all students will sit for a three hour HSC exam. As part of the internal assessment, students will be required to undertake a major programming project each year, with an assessment weighting of 20% in Year 11 and 50% in the Year 12.


This course CANNOT be taken in association with Computer Applications.


Subject cost included in the College Resource Fee. This fee covers the cost of specialised classroom materials and specialised hardware and software costs associated with this course.