Modern History 2 Unit

ATAR Course


Modern History consists of a 2 Unit Course in both Years 11 and 12. There is an Extension Course (1 Unit) available in Year 12 for those students who display a high interest and ability in the course.

Through the study of Modern History students have the opportunity to consider the great technological, economic, political and moral changes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that have made our world the way it is today. This study requires students to analyse causes, the progress and effects of these changes in the world and finally to make judgements about them. Modern History is especially relevant today.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

This course is suitable for students with an interest in history. Students will need to be prepared to further develop their skills in research methods and written and oral communication and they need to be able to express themselves well in writing. Students who are considering English Studies will probably struggle with the literacy demands of the course, particularly the Historical Investigation in Year 11 and the analytical component of assessment throughout the HSC.

History is useful in areas such as Journalism, Law, Defence, Research, Education, Government Administration, Private Enterprise and many more areas.


There are NO pre-requisites for this course. It is highly advisable that students considering this course have sound literacy skills. This course is substantially different to the history studied in Stage 5. The core focus of Stage 6 Modern History is international history.


A variety of Assessment Tasks are set in both Years 11 and 12. Modern History is not an all essay subject however, students do require strong literacy skills. 

The HSC paper in Modern History is of three hours duration.


Subject Costs are included in the College Resource Fee.

Other Costs: Usually local excursions in Year 11 and possibly an excursion to Sydney in Year 12.