Economics 2 Unit

ATAR Course


Economics is ideal for students who have an interest in current economic problems/issues, and who wish to develop a greater understanding of how Australia’s economy functions, and the impact on Australian people. Economics looks at how Australians are affected by global events and the role of government/politics in managing these problems/issues.

Please note that Economics is very different from Commerce.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

Studying Economics for the HSC gives students excellent preparation for further study in Political Studies, International Studies, Business, Accounting, Finance, Media, Law, History, Geography, Environmental Studies. Economists are in demand.

Studying HSC Economics is of major benefit to all Degree courses in Business Management, Commerce, Economics and Politics.


There are NO pre-requisites for this course, but students with strong competencies in English and Maths are encouraged to consider this course.

Students who are not studying Mathematics and those studying English at English Studies level may struggle with the theory and reading required in this course.

Internal Assessment Year 11 and Year 12

Internal assessment consists of formal examinations at the College and writing tasks based on course work which are submitted periodically throughout both Year 11 and Year 12. These tasks can include research reports and stimulus based responses.

HSC External Assessment

The HSC Examination is of three hours duration. It consists of multiple choice, short answers and two extended responses.


Subject costs are included in the College Resource Fee.

Costs to cover UNSW Competition are included in the Course’s Resource Fee.