Aboriginal Studies 2 Unit

ATAR Course


Aboriginal Studies is a 2 Unit course in both Year 11 and Year 12.

The Aboriginal Studies course involves the study of the historical and contemporary experiences of Aboriginal peoples.  The course aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills about the inter-relationship between the concepts of an Aboriginal world view, a shared history of Australia and social justice, with a view to enabling students to be active and informed citizens.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

This course is for students who have an interest in the study of indigenous people.

Students studying this subject will develop skills in research, written and oral communication.

Students who have an interest in the subject, are able to express themselves well in writing, and have a willingness to work consistently in their study, should do well in this course.

The skills and knowledge acquired by students in this course have the potential to be recognised by industry and training organisations, including TAFE NSW.


There are NO pre-requisites for this course.  It is not expected that students will have studied Aboriginal Studies as an elective in the previous school.


During Years 11 and 12 there are a variety of assessment tasks which include short answer responses, structured responses, essays, research tasks and oral presentations.

Please note: In Year 12 there is an internally marked MAJOR PROJECT, which constitutes 40% of the HSC school assessment.


Costs are included in the College Resource Fee. There may be an excursion in each year, and costs will be kept to a minimum.