Visual Arts 2 Unit

ATAR Course


This course is for students who enjoy looking at, reading about, discussing and creating Artworks.  Students need to spend a lot of their own time to create the Artworks.

Visual Arts is a course which can be enjoyed by many students. They are given the opportunity to create varied art works inspired by the student’s personal experience of the world and creative efforts of artists in a variety of social and cultural contexts.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

Many students can find success in this course but all students will be required to produce a Body of Work of considerable depth.  This takes talent and commitment. The theoretical component requires students to be average or above average English students.

The course can be used in the calculation of the ATAR and students can enter a Visual Arts Degree at University with this course as well as a number of diploma and certificate courses at TAFE.


There are NO pre-requisites, although it should be stated that past studies of Visual Arts would be beneficial.


Year 11 Course

  • In Search of My Identity (Painting/Drawing)
  • The Found Object (Sculpture)
  • Theory –Final Exams - Analysis of Coloured Plates (The Frames) and Essay

Year 12 Course

  • Development of Body of Work and Final Presentation (Externally marked)
  • Art Criticism, Art History, Essays, Formal Examinations

HSC – External Examination

Students will sit for 1½ hour paper which is divided into two sections.

  • SECTION 1: Student must attempt all questions in Section 1 based on frames/conceptual framework/practice history criticism. 
  • SECTION 2: Students will answer one question only from a selection of six questions (essay format)
  • Body of Work - Final Submission


Subject Fee: $120.00 pa

Other Costs: Students must cover the cost of the Body of Work which often needs to have the finished Artwork properly mounted.

Costs to cover excursions are kept to a minimum.