Dance 2 Unit

ATAR Course


This course is for students who enjoy the art of dance through performing, composing and analysing. Dance in Stage 6 is run as and external course throughout the Diocese, with a teacher delivering the course to all schools who have interested students.

The Diocesan Dance Course allows for small elective classes at schools to still run the subject. Currently, there are five schools who have students completing the Diocesan Dance Course, some of those schools only have one student enrolled. Students engage in a mixture of face-to-face teaching time, video conferencing lessons on laptops and an interactive website to access their work.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

Students with a strong desire in performing and choreographing dance works. Students need to work independently and have a high level of self-motivation.

Students will create a Major Work in their strongest area of either Performance, Composition, Appreciation or Film and Video. Therefore, students must have the ability to apply commitment and dedication to a 40% task.

The course can be used in the calculation of the ATAR and students can enter a Dance Degree at University or complete a number of diploma and certificate courses for Dance Teaching, Performing or Choreography.


There are NO pre-requisites, although it should be stated that past studies of dance would be beneficial. An outside dance tutor is highly recommended to assist with technique.


Year 11 Course

  • Performance: 2 minute dance with 3 minute conversation on Safe Dance Practice. Students will also be required to create a presentation about Dance Injuries.
  • Composition: 2-3 minute dance with 3 minute conversation on the process of generating movement. A Composition Portfolio is also attached to this assessment.
  • Appreciation: essay analysis of a Dance Work                                

Year 12 Course

  • Performance: 3-5 minute dance with 6 minute conversation on Safe Dance Practice. Students will display and understanding of how the body works safely, enhancing Performance Quality
  • Composition: 3-5 minute dance with 6 minute conversation on the process of generating movement. Students will teach another student their work and have them perform it for assessments and HSC.
  • Appreciation: analysis to TWO Dance Works. Students will be required to write an essay on each, demonstrating and understanding of how a choreographer background, training and movement and communicate a concept.
  • Major Study Option: students are to choose their strongest area to extend their knowledge. Length of work will increase to 4-6 minutes with a 9 minute conversation for Performance, Composition and Dance Technology. Selecting Major Study Appreciation would require a student to complete analysis on THREE extra works.

HSC – External Examination        

Students will have their Practical HSC Examination early August. They will be assessed on their Performance, Composition and Major Study components by 2-3 external examiners. Therefore, 80% of their HSC will be completed earlier than the rest of their subjects. The Appreciation/Theory component will be sat in the normal HSC Examination Block (October-November) which will complete the final 20% of their course.


Subject Fee: $300.00 pa due to the nature of a distance education course.

Contact Person

Mrs Carmel Tapley
Education Officer (Secondary Curriculum)
Catholic Schools Office

P: 4979 1249