Exploring Early Childhood 1 Unit

Contributes to HSC Credential. DOES NOT contribute to an ATAR.

This subject can only be selected if you are completing Studies of Catholic Thought 1 Unit or Studies of Religion 1 Unit.


Exploring Early Childhood is a Content Endorsed Course offered as a 1 Unit subject in both Year 11 And Year 12.

This Course has both practical and theoretical components.  Students will develop understanding and awareness of the growth, development and learning of young children.  Through gaining recognition of the uniqueness of all children, students will have the opportunity to reflect upon potential implications for themselves as parents or carers of children.

The Course does not contribute to an ATAR.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

This subject presents many possibilities for students who have interest in, or who wish to work in, childcare services via further study at both TAFE and university.


There are NO pre-requisites for this course.


There is no external HSC examination for this course – it does not contribute to an ATAR. The HSC Assessment Mark will appear on the student’s HSC.

Student assessment throughout the Year 11 and Year 12 courses will reflect the extent to which each student has achieved the course objectives and outcomes. Assessment Tasks include school-based examinations, projects and reports.


Subject costs are included in the College Resource Fee.

Other Costs: Projects, materials and excursions are to be covered by students when required. These costs are kept to a minimum.

NOTE: There is NO guarantee that this course will continue in Year 12. Continuance is dependent on student numbers and staff availability.