Community and Family Studies 2 Unit

ATAR Course


The central aim of Community and Family Studies is to develop in each student an ability to manage resources and take action to support the needs of individuals, groups, families and communities. This is an interdisciplinary course drawing upon components of family studies, sociology, developmental psychology and students’ general life experiences. It develops students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to decision making, problem solving and management of everyday living.

Community and Family Studies can have a direct and positive influence on the quality of students’ lives both now and in the future.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

This Course is especially suited to students who have an interest in current issues that are influential in Australian society (eg technology, families and communities), and is relevant to careers in Early Childhood Studies, Sociology, Education (Teaching) and Management.

The students will need to develop strong research, organisational and writing skills. They need to be able to work effectively both independently and within group situations.


There are NO formal pre-requisites.

Please note: An Independent Research Project is completed during the first term of Year 12. This is a formal Assessment Task and some of the work will be completed in the student’s own time


Both the Year 11 Course and the Year 12 Course are internally assessed. Tasks include:

  • Resource Management Scenarios
  • Examining Community Issues
  • Independent Research Report
  • Researching Community Groups
  • Formal Examinations

HSC Examination

The single examination is of 3 hours duration.  It involves:

  • Objective response questions on Core Modules
  • Short answer questions on Core Modules
  • Short & extended response questions on one Option Module


Subject costs are included in the College Resource Fee.