English Studies 2 Unit

Contributes to HSC Credential

OPTION to contribute to an ATAR


The aim of English Studies is to enable students to understand, use, enjoy and value the English language in its various textual forms and to become thoughtful, imaginative and effective communicators in a diverse and changing society. English Studies is designed to support students in developing proficiency in English to enhance their personal, educational, social and vocational lives.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

English Studies addresses the needs of a specific group of students who wish to complete and be awarded an HSC but who are seeking an alternative to the current English Standard course.

Students in this course may be eligible for an ATAR if they elect to undertake an optional HSC Examination. Students who do not sit for the English Studies HSC Examination are not eligible for the calculation of an ATAR.


Students who have a vocational direction other than university directly from school OR students who are likely to attain a Grade D or E in Stage 5 are advised to study the English Studies course.


The HSC mark is based on school-based assessment and provides a measure of a student’s achievement based on the range of syllabus content and outcomes. A variety of tasks, with flexibility in the design, are used to give students the opportunity to demonstrate outcomes in different ways.

Examples of the types of tasks include mock job interviews, letters, reports, reviews and multi-modal presentations.

Tasks are designed to develop the skills students will need at work.

Students requiring an ATAR must complete the written HSC examination.


Subject costs are included in the College Resource Fee.

Other costs may include excursions.