English Extension 1 Unit

ATAR Course


This is a specialised study of English completed in addition to the Advanced English course.

The course aims to provide students with the opportunity to pursue areas of interest with increased independence and to theorise about the process of responding to and composing texts.

For Whom is the Course Intended?

Students who are in the top 20% of students undertaking the English Advanced course.

These students will have demonstrated a high level of skill in both analytical and imaginative use of language.  They need to be capable of independent investigation and accomplished in the composition of both creative and critical texts.


As a pre-requisite for the English Extension course students must study the English Advanced course from Year 11. It is highly recommended that students selecting English Extension be achieving at a Grade A standard in Stage 5.

Students may undertake English Extension 2 in Year 12 only if they have completed the Year 11 Extension English 1 course and are currently studying English Extension 1 in Year 12. The student’s results should also place them in the top third of the English Advanced course.


The English Extension 1 course will be internally assessed through a range of written and spoken tasks, and externally examined in a written examination in the HSC.

The English Extension 2 course internal assessment mark is based on the Year 12 course only. The Major Work is assessed internally as a process, through Viva Voce, Literature Review, Critique of the Creative Process.

Note: English Extension classes commence outside regular school hours.


Subject costs are included in the College Resource Fee.

Other Costs: Students are responsible for any costs arising from the completion of the Major Work if they elect to do English Extension 2 in Year 12. Students may be expected to attend a live production of the play being studied. Parents will be notified of costs and details in an excursion letter closer to the date.