St Francis Xavier's College Drama Production27/05/2015

“The Government Inspector” is a farcical political satire written by Russian playwright Nikolai Gogol. The show tells the story of a corrupt rural town that whirlwinds into a panic when the news of an impending visit from a government inspector could result in the censure of political figures that have all had their hand in the till!!!

At the same time a bumbling public servant arrives and is staying at the local inn, the Mayor and town folk hastily assume that this man must be the inspector which results in hilarious consequences that ring a real bell with modern political happenings that bring ICAC into focus.

St Francis Xavier presents this wonderful farce with the traditions of circus and vaudeville featuring strongly in the production. A number of the cast are very active in the Newcastle Theatre scene and are both talented and experienced performers.

We look forward to seeing you at our production

St Francis Xavier's College Drama Production IMAGE