Languages by Distance Education - Continuers

Distance Education (D.E.) : Continuers Level. Separate Application Process and Enrolment Form

ATAR Course

For Whom is the Course Intended?

Students who have studied a target language as an elective subject in Years 8 to 10, or are deemed to have the equivalent level of knowledge from other experiences, such as extended exchanges.


A satisfactory level of achievement in the elective target course in Years 8-10, or equivalent standard.


Year 11 and Year 12

The main Course aims are to develop the student’s:

  • ability to use the target language to communicate with others.
  • understanding and appreciation of the cultural contexts in which the target language is used.
  • cognitive, learning and social skills.
  • ability to apply the target language to work, further study, training or leisure


Year 11: Assessment components include:

  • Speaking 
  • Listening and responding 
  • Reading and responding 
  • Writing in the target language 

Year 12: The internal HSC assessment mark for a Continuers Language is based on the external HSC Examination assessment structure.

External Assessment

An oral examination consisting of

  • Conversation 

A written examination consisting of

  • Listening and Responding 
  • Reading and responding 
  • Writing in target language 

Assessment Tasks could take a variety of forms, depending on the individual Distance Education Provider. However, in each year, students will be assessed on how well they perform in the four skills areas: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

NOTE: Enrolment is not automatic. There are very limited places for language by Distance Education due to supervision requirements.

Students following a Continuers Language course will be given preference for enrolment as a Distance Education student.


Distance Education Annual Fee is $800, payable BEFORE enrolment in Distance Education is processed. Enrolment is not automatic, places are limited. Late entries are not accepted.

Other Costs: Students of LOTE must have access to a CD/MP3 player or alternative.

All information on this page is correct at the this time but may be subject to change.