Transitioning Years 7 to 12 – overview of outcomes

Following feedback and consultation, recommendations have been released formalising the detail of Newcastle secondary schools transitioning Years 7 to 12.

Over the next five years, the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is renewing its approach to secondary schooling in Newcastle to ensure it best supports the educational needs and outcomes for its students now, and as we look to the future.

From 2024, Catholic secondary schools in Newcastle will commence a staged transition to Year 7 to Year 12 schools, this includes:

  • St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton, currently Years 11 and 12, will commence the transition with the inclusion of Year 7 in 2024, adding a further year group each year to the full Year 7-12 complement in 2027.
  • St Pius X High School, Adamstown, currently Years 7-10, commences with its first Year 11 students no later than 2025, becoming a full Year 7-12 school in 2026.
  • San Clemente High School, Mayfield, currently Years 7-10, commences with its first Year 11 students in 2026, becoming a Year 7-12 school in 2027.


View the overview that highlights the recommendations and key next steps and Frequently Asked Questions here.


The link above includes more information about transition timelines, pathway primary schools, infrastructure works and subject selection.