Technology Policy (Acceptable Usage)


Saint Francis Xavier’s College undertakes to ensure that the Catholic Schools Office’s networks and internet connections function effectively and appropriately. The College will follow the Catholic Schools Office policy statement Workplace Internet, Email & Network Usage (November 2008). The policy aims to assist in the development an appropriate working environment that articulates expectations in the use of the College’s technology.


  • Students are reminded regularly of their responsibilities in their use of the CSO networks and Internet functions.
  • Regular monitoring is made to ensure inappropriate actions are not occurring. Suitable software is used for this purpose.
  • All students sign the yearly ‘Cyber Safety at St Francis Xavier’s College Student Use Agreement’ for email, Internet, and network access.
  • Education on Cyber Safety & Cyber Bullying will be offered as appropriate.
  • Parents and guardians sign the use agreement form to declare that they are aware of the College’s initiatives to maintain a cyber-safe learning environment.
  • Any student who does not sign the appropriate documentation will be denied access to the College’s network. The student’s agreement form must also be signed by parent/carer before access to the network is made available.
  • If students use the College’s technology to threaten or transmit sexual material, then the police will be notified, and significant discipline sanctions will be imposed.
  • If students use the College’s technology to harass or bully others, then significant discipline sanctions will be imposed.
  • If students misuse any technology that is not provided by the College, then it will be addressed within the College’s Discipline Policy.