Absence from School

Unforeseen Absence:

In the case of unforeseen absence, parents or guardians are to contact the College on the morning of the day of absence directly to Student Services either by phone 0249 612110 or via email HML-Studentservices@mn.catholic.edu.au. If contact is not made, then the student’s parent or guardian will receive a text message from the College and the absence marked as unexplained. On returning to school a letter of explanation is to be handed-in to the student’s Tutor Group Teacher, within seven days of the absence, so that Compass can then be updated.

Requests for Leave:

Any requests for student leave outside normal school holiday periods must be applied for, and approved, by the College Principal. An ‘Application for Exemption from Attendance at School’ form is available from the College Office. Students can collect this form to take home for completion by a parent or guardian. The form must be returned to the College so that a formal certificate can be issued for the leave approval. These procedures are in accordance with government requirements.

Requests for leave are not to be made during examination periods. The dates of examination blocks are published well in advance. The College will not approve holiday leave during examination periods.