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Student Information Handbook

The Student Information Handbook explores a more detailed and diverse array of College matters and is presented to enrolling students to provide useful, practical information about being a student at St Francis Xavier’s College, pertaining to both curricular and non-curricular concerns.

There is a wealth of information about the College in this handbook, and a number of important documents toward the latter part of the book which detail College expectations and requirements, which all students and parents sign off on, before they start their College Journey.

It also outlines a number of the Catholic Schools Office policies, designed to keep our students safe, and parents supported, throughout their final 2 years of senior school.

Curriculum Handbook

The Curriculum Handbook is designed to assist students in their course selections, and is provided to all students on acceptance of enrolment.

The Curriculum Handbook provides an overview of the courses currently available and information that will assist students in determining a pattern of study.