Assessment Calendar

To assist students in managing the assessment process an assessment calendar is accessible for the Preliminary and HSC Courses. The calendar is published on the College website & available to students via Compass. This calendar is a working document & students are advised to check for updates at regular intervals

The purpose of the Assessment Calendar is to:

  •       provide a visual representation of the tasks scheduled each week
  •       indicate for each course whether the task is a ‘hand in’ or ‘exam type’ task
  •       show where known in advance excursions / fieldwork pertinent to a course
  •       indicate scheduled work placements 

Students should use the assessment calendars to assist them in planning their time and setting goals for each term.

In the case of known absences students should check the assessment calendar and assessment schedules and follow the procedures outlined in the Assessment Handbook.

Students should remember that if a task is designated as a 'hand in' task, strict penalties apply for lateness (see assessment handbook for details).