Faith & Spirituality

St Francis Xavier’s College encourages students and staff to develop a mature, adult, Christian faith. A mature, adult faith assists us to fully participate in the life of God. This begins with an awareness of God's presence in our lives and finds expression in the life of the College community.

Consequently, we encourage involvement in all aspects of College life because in this way we participate in the realisation of God's kingdom.

As a community we celebrate our efforts and achievements because to give thanks is the first step in the realisation of a mature and adult relationship with God and with each other. Giving thanks frees us from preoccupations that limit our ability to sense the life that is present around and within us. To give thanks is to live with hope and joy; hope and joy are dispositions that bring about the kingdom of God.
Important celebrations and events include:

Commissioning Liturgy: this begins the school year and acknowledges our Year 12 leaders in addition to students and staff committing them to the year ahead.


Ash Wednesday Liturgies and Lent

Easter Celebrations


Year 12 Retreat: the opportunity for students to listen, reflect, share and express their relationship with themselves, significant others, God and creation.

House Day Liturgies and Celebrations: these four days celebrate the gift of the House patrons (Saint Marcellin Champagnat, Saint Dominic, Blessed Mary MacKillop and Venerable Catherine McAuley) to the College community. Their lives continue to be a source of inspiration and hope to the College community.

Tutor Group Prayer: the opportunity for students and staff to pray together.

Year 12 Prayer Novena and Graduation Mass: prayer to support Year 12 students commencing the HSC examinations and the celebration of graduation.

Saint Francis Xavier Day Mass: celebrating the College patron.

Advent and Christmas Liturgy

Volunteers Liturgy

Staff Retreats


Footsteps: an in-service program for staff on Marist education and practice.

The list above is focused on “events” that highlight important occasions or moments in the life of the College over the course of a year. However, it must be stated that the most significant participation in the life of God that occurs in the College takes place on a daily level by individuals in ways that are not marked or noted or acknowledged or even celebrated! Consciousness at this level of participation in the life of God is what the College ultimately desires to encourage amongst all its members.

Social Justice

St Francis Xavier's College encourages students and staff to develop an awareness of those in need and to actively participate to alleviate injustice and suffering. This begins first and foremost here at the College with our treatment of each other. We then look further a field to the needs of the local Newcastle community, the broader Australian community, and to those who live in other countries.

The persons of Jesus and Mary, their compassion for people, are the source of our inspiration for promoting social justice, while the outlook and qualities of our College patrons (St Francis Xavier, St Dominic, St Marcellin Champagnat, Blessed Mary MacKillop, and Venerable Catherine McAuley) guide and direct our endeavours.

Our efforts contribute to the work of the local Church in bringing about the Kingdom of God and maintaining the dignity of people.


Ministry Coordinator: Melissa Wood