Safely Arriving and Departing the College

Instructions for student/parent/caregiver/legal guardian

Please read this document carefully and take the time to discuss the Road Safety rules with your child.

Arriving and Departing:

Parents/Carers and family members are encouraged to inform students about, and reinforce correct and responsible road use behaviours.

There are four designated points of entry to St Francis Xavier’s College.

  • Everton Street
  • Parkway Avenue
  • Hebburn Street
  • Ada Street

Arrival and Departure on Foot:

Given the large number of students who drive to school, students need to exercise caution when approaching and leaving the College grounds. Students are not to walk along the median strip along King Street, and must use the pedestrian crossing and lights appropriately.

Staff will be on duty after school to supervise the students using the crossing on King Street in front of the TAFE.

Arrival and Departure by Car:

Parents/Carers, family members and students are expected to use the legal street parking spaces for pick-up and delivery of students. It is illegal to park on the median strip in Parkway Avenue, and fines have previously been issued.

The College has a large student population. Drivers should ensure that they exercise caution and arrive and depart the College in a safe, responsible, and legal manner. Similarly, pedestrians must exercise due caution, given the large number of relatively inexperienced drivers, who arrive and depart around the same time.

The car park is for staff and visitors only. Students are NOT to use the car park unless given permission by the Principal for exceptional circumstances. There is a disabled parking spot for appropriate use.

Students who utilise the Assisted Travel Scheme are accompanied to and from the vehicle by a staff member.

The school is located in a 40km school zone where a 40km speed limit applies for the hours of 8:00 am – 9:30 am and 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm on school days. The speed limit is lowered to 40km during these hours to increase the safety of the students arriving and departing the school. Drivers must abide by these speed regulations.