Road Safety Policy

Belief Statement:

At St Francis Xavier’s College we believe that a road safety policy provides a framework of common understanding for students, staff, parents/carers, and the community who interact with the school to provide a safe environment.

St Francis Xavier’s College is founded on the person of Jesus Christ and is committed to educate in Gospel values, especially in hope, love, justice, and care for others in the community.

The main intention of this policy is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our students who use the services and facilities of this College. We do this by assessing the risks in the road environment around our College, developing practical school management procedures and ensuring that curriculum pertaining to all road safety issues is taught to our students.

Environmental Statement:

St Francis Xavier’s College is a senior College of over 1000 students and therefore has a large number of student drivers. The College is in a residential area which requires students to park in neighbouring streets. The supervision is commensurate with the age of the students and the flexible nature of the timetable.

Aims / Goals:

At St Francis Xavier’s College we aim to:

  • provide a quality road safety education program (Years 11 / 12 that develops responsible road use, attitudes and behaviours.
  • have procedures in place that maximise the safety of students when they arrive and depart the College.
  • encourage the education of road safety issues in the wider school community e.g. parents / carers, staff and visitors.

Curriculum Statement:

At St Francis Xavier’s College our staff will develop and implement effective, sequential road safety education programs within the Year 11 PDHPE key learning area and the pastoral care program through Long Tutor Group Program.

Our programs will make use of current NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) resources and will address the following road safety issues for our students:

  • passenger safety
  • pedestrian safety
  • safety on wheels (bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, and skateboards) and
  • driver education

When it is appropriate, we will make use of other suitable resources and incorporate them as part of an ongoing program. The use of additional resources will enhance the teaching and learning of road safety education to our students.

School Management Procedures:

At St Francis Xavier’s College the staff will maximise the safety of students by:

  • providing supervision of students in grounds before school and during lunch and recess breaks.
  • seek permission from a parent/carer or nominated adult before allowing a student to leave the College during school hours.
  • seek permission from the aforementioned for students to attend excursions or out of school activities; information will be provided regarding modes of transport.
  • constantly remind students about their responsibility as drivers or road users.
  • provide supervision each afternoon at the King Street lights to ensure students cross the road at the lights in a safe and legal manner.
  • Request that any staff member or volunteer who will be transporting students provide evidence of a current driver’s license and insurance cover.

Discretionary Basis:

The Principal has the right of discretion to make provision for departure from the policy or the application of the policy in the event of unforeseen and exceptional circumstances.

This policy was prepared by the College staff and the Diocesan Road Safety Education Consultant.

Adoption Date: 16 July 2012