Australian Tertiary Admission Rank

If a student wishes to use their HSC to gain admission to a university they need to satisfy the requirements for a ATAR.

Rule 1 – Eligibility for a ATAR

To be eligible for a ATAR a student must complete at least ten units of Board Developed courses including at least two units of either Advanced or Standard English.  The Board Developed courses must include at least three courses of two units or greater, and at least four subjects.

Rule 2 – Categorisation of Subjects

Board Developed courses are classified by the universities as Category A or Category B.  The criteria for Category A courses are academic rigour, depth of knowledge and understanding, and the degree to which the course contributes to assumed knowledge for tertiary studies.

Only the best TWO units from Category B courses are available for inclusion in the calculation of the ATAR. All of the VET courses eligible for an ATAR are Category B.

Rule 3 – Calculation of the ATAR

The ATAR will be based on an aggregate of the scaled marks in the best ten (10) units of Board Developed courses comprising:

• The best two units of English;
• The best eight units from the remaining units,
• Subject to the provision that no more than two units of Category B courses be included.