Examinations and Timetables

There are two internal examination blocks for both the Preliminary and Higher School Certificate Courses.

  • The HSC Mid-Course Examination is scheduled in Term 1 2016 - 14th March till 24th March inclusive
  • The Preliminary Mid-Course Examination is scheduled in Term 2 2016 - 23rd May till 1st June inclusive
  • The HSC Trial Examinations are scheduled in Term 3 2016 -1st August till 16th August inclusive
  • The Preliminary Final Examinations are scheduled at the end of Term 3 2016 - 5th September till 15th September inclusive
  • The HSC Board of Studies Examinations commence Week 1 of Term 4 2016 - 13th October

Students only attend school at the time of their scheduled examinations - examination timetables, when published show specific scheduling of course examinations

Please note that leave will not be approved during examination blocks.